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Vampire Links

Mystica's Mansion The Crypt of Nosferatu The Coliseum at Night Comtesse Marlene's Land Inconceivable The Vampyre Syndicate Crysta's Castle Castle Whispering Winds For The Mentally Ill Mystro's Country Mansion Relative Acumen Mystic's Forest Home Katzy's Jungle KariKoo vampyre page Death's Gate Myst's Insanity Memnoch_'s Roads of destiny Elysium The Darker Side of Chazwick! Vampire Site Mister Sister's Home Page Lord Tagon's Vampire Princess Miyu Page Vampires of Fern Canyon Vampiric Tendencies - Anduril's Lair Krag's Keep Torment Tellessa's Gothic Page The Vampiress' Lair ~The Gateway~ TheRush's Haven The Soul Asylum Ahriel Sabretooth's Lairs Vampyre Magazine Home Page Acheron: Supreme Vampyric Evil Blood Dance ++Gothic Angel's++ Dominion Of Dreams Den of Vampyres Gothic Angel's Dominion of Dreams silver_raven's home page The Vothic Void Pazuzu & Zevaluz's Home Page the After Dark Club NIGHTCRAWLERS GOTHIC CLASSIFIEDS Vampires: The Masquerade - World of Darkness Pathway to Darkness Ares' vampire page The Draculean Order DRACUL - The Musical MiDNiTe MeSS Vampyres Only Eve's Homepage ivamp's home page The Dungeon Vampyre's Haven Vampires: Circle of Blood the Cult of Nothing homepage the Curse of the Immortal G Kelly's Vampyre Page Lady Electra's Lair (Brujah) KnightAngel's Homepage Shattenjäger's Crypt The #Vampires Homepage The Horde the WEBbed scAVENGER's REGATUL STRIGOIULUI (REALM OF THE STRIGOI) Victor`s death castle Vitaè RPG - Center of the Vampires VAMPIRES UNIVERSE WORLD OF THE PARANORMAL Sanctuary of Darkness, Vampire Page Vamp N's Crypt of Darkness Lestat's Lair I Am The Vampire Lestat Dark Side of the Lion Welcome Home Sanitarium Mysteries of Vampires Unlocked Lady ArchAngels Le Manoir Ventrue (Ventrue Manor) The Dreamer's Lair;the home of Agrona # VampireClub Myth The Order Of Darkness Talonz's Vampire Domain Syndicate Nocturnal Dirge Damned Ye Who Enter Here Damned YE Who Enter Here II Nosferatu, the Vampire Howie's virtual musical theater of vampyres International Vampire POWERS COURT Vampire's Haven ^Memnoch^'s Lair The Pit Mystique's Vampire Lair -M-'s Dark Little Corner Vampyres In Eternal Darkness Dracula's Krypt VladHoff's Lair Neshad's Shadow Realm Temple of the Moon Goddess Lady Fruitbat's Homepage for the Living Impaired The Realm of Shadows Welcome to the Vampyre's Lair ~Vampires~ Jerico Of The Angels Mistress Sin's Dungeon VonScoot's Vampire Page Annabel Lee's Garden Of Shadows Vampire Maze..Vampire Oracle..Vampire Safe house The Vampire-pages of Labich Eve's Homepage Vampire Prince's Lair The Curse of the Immortal Blood Dance Brotherhood Of Vega Torment The Vampyre Syndicate The Dark Pages of Pendor G Kelly's Vampyre Page Mystique's Vampire Lair The Vampyre Russell's Homepage The Realm of Darkness Sarn's Lair the Cult of Nothing homepage Limaland Coliseum At Night Crusader Coliseum in Action Sabine's Home The Dungeon Kitten's Korner:VamPress World of Basik GRAVELY MISTAKEN International Vampire Lair of the White Wolf Morteluna's Macabre Mind POWERS COURT the After Dark Club Syndicate The Flavor Cube The Dominion of the Dark Sinner The Curse of the Immortal Maddog Winery Sophie's city at night Ellen's Homepage NoX-GeO Ægis' Domain MiDNiTe MeSS OpposableThumbs The Lair of The Shadow Christian Says... through the looking glass.. The Dragons Haven Horoscope and Tarot Readings By Email Cool World The Realm of DarkMyst GatheringIX's Domain Inconceivable The Horde Arjan's Tomb Sumit Bothra's Homepage Fascination Street The Asylum Myth Musings & Writings - Tanas's Home page Vampire's Haven Thorzoar ~Vampires~ welcome to nowhere... Impurity's Coffin on the Web Onyx Dimensions Chez Cris Kirk's Realm of Entropy The Bayou The Lair Defective Dreams SIR Raven Jander's Crypt The Ultimate Halloween Page Onlyone's Home Pages Fish On A Stick Page Deborah's Witchcraft Page Rainbow's Page of Wicca The Morpheus Company - DARE TO DREAM IceHeart's Dark & Twisted Poetry The Unstuck The Neverland Pages Gothic.Net Gothic/Industrial Webspace the After Dark Club Elise's Cloud in the Sky Dark Vedder's Ultimate Pearl Jam Page the transient mind azra BossWolf's Den Abbey of John Basik's Netsite The SHiP of the M1/\/D. The Necrovore's Lair The Darkage Homepage The Vampiress' Lair Brien's Homepage Hudkins's Humble Homepage Lingua Mortis Home of the Apathetic Mudder The Wiccans World Welco

The Vampire Lestat Fan Club Page
Commotion Strange
Nox, A Journal of the Night
The Illuminati
Dracula's Home Page
Bloodlust, an Australian film about modern day vampyres
Atalanta Pendragonne - Mother of Serpents
The Vampire D'Estaing
Vampire WWW Internet Sources
The #Vampire Home Page
Vampire: The Masquerade, France
Anne Rice Links
The Haunted House of Gargoyles and Things that go Bump in the Night
The Vampire Village
The Vampire Society
The Crow
The Anne Rice Page
The Dominion
Australian Vampire Information Association
Dark Side of the Cube
The Dark Side of the Web
Darkness on the Edge of Town
Emry's Vampire Page - The Net.Vampyric
The Crimson Palace
The Vampire's Playground
Vampires Everywhere
Kae's Huge List of Vampire Books
Interview With The Vampire Pics
Point of Infinity
Psychic Web International
Mystarion's Castle
The Eye of the Storm
Little Spot of Immortality
Body Modification Ezine
Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here
Enter at Your Own Risk
Dracula's Home Page
The Gothic Vampire
|The Shadowlands| (not to be confused with the Hunting Grounds' Shadowlands)
The Blackened Angels Catalog
Vampires and Werewolves (The Nightmare Factory Catalog)
Roadkill R Us
The Encyclopedia Mythica
The Vampyres Listserve Website
The Vampire White Pages
Making Fangs
Cloak Making Guide Index
The Realm of The Goddess
The Horde
In my veins; The Blood of the Ancient Brood
Vampyres R' Us
The Brat Queen's Homepage
Wamphyrii's Home Page
Nox's HomePage
Magus Warcraft II Corner
A screenplay about Anne Rice and the Silicon Valley
Vampire: The Masquerade
The Official Anne Rice Homepage
The Darknening of the Light
Labyrinth Home Page
The Darkness Within
Links to Goths to Fear and Loathe
Vampires in the Garden of Agony
No Dead Trees
The Witches' Little Black Book
Dark and Gothic Places...
Powers Court
Killer Fonts
The Goth Code Version 3.0A
Damned Ye Who Enter Here

Dragon Links

History of female vampires
Roses & Thorns
Vladhoff's Lair.
Seraphiel's Haven
Lady Michelette's Castle
The Vampire Connection!
Sabretooth's Vampire Homepage!
Vampire White Pages
Vampire Pages of Labich
Transylvanian Society of Dracula
Kindred:The Embraced
Goth Pages
Dracula's Homepage
Ooga Booga Page
Nightstalkers Nightstalkers,The Sequel
Land of Chaos
Mystique Vampire Lair
Vlad's Pit
Dracula's Krypt
Kitten's Corner
Net Vampyric Guide
Vampyres Only
Vampire's Vault
Vampire Internet Sources
Order Of The Vampyre
Blood:The Deadly Nector
Donald's Vampire Coven
Blood is the Life!!
Diseases Related to Vampirism
Origins and Causes of Vampirism
The Undead
In Darkness Eternal
Vampire Poetry
Psychological Theory of Vampirism
Seonag's Main Page
Vampire:The Masquerade
Vampire WWW Server
Vampire Castle
Temple of the Vampire
Lair Of Vampiress
Darkside of the Net Online
Sanquinarii Liberi
Viper's Vampire Page
Dark Places
Vampyre News Network
The Oubliette:Vampire Message Board
Castle Luna
Myths of the Vampire
Vampire's Playground
White Wolf's Complete World of Darkness
Road to Selene:Vampire Page
Dark Side Of The Web:Vampires/Vampyres Vampires in Different Cultures
Vampires and Holy Symbols
Vampires and Pregnancy
MeKare,the Twin
Voyeurs of the Damned
The Dead Files
The Asylum
Crypt Of Darkness
Lex's Lair
Nuala's Home Page
Santiago,The Mad Vampire
Realm Of The Strigoi
Nightmare's Home
Arak's Castle
Countess Elizabeth Bathory
Crypt Of The Vampyre
The Vampire Enclave:Oubliette Board
Lucard's Lair
Australian Vampire Information Association ( AVIA)
The Vampire Court Official Homepage!
The Australian Vampire Information Association
Vampire Image Resource!
Spiral to your doom
Vampire: The Alternative
J.F's Vampyre Links in the Web

Dragon and Fantasy Links

Kevin's Dragon Animated Gifs You have to see Kevin's artwork!
Urban Dragon Home Page Intro "The Urban Dragon has been found all through the world, living anywhere there are humans. The Urban Dragon is a shy creature, and is usually hard to spot." You've got to see Colin Scott McDonald's cute and fuzzy dragons and his not so cute creatures, too!
Lady Moreta's Fantasia Lots of great links to dragons and fantasy.
Lair 2000 Cool site, several links, a few images. You must visit Suzanne's Lair!
Lisa's Flying Dragon Page Excellent dragon artwork and animation of Lisa Konrad.
HERE BE DRAGONS! Extensive dragon information, links and cool stuff created by Jennifer Walker!
The Official Home Page of Anne McCaffrey List of current, past works, personal information and photographs.
Welcome To Eternal Fantasy A cool dragon page with lots of dragons floating around! Wizards to adopt and you simply must see her kids' pages! They will make your heart swell with the wonders of children.
Amber's Dragon Lair Awesome collection of dragon images, links, icons and more!
There Be Dragons Here! A collection of original heartfelt dragon poems. "To Love a Dragon" brings a tear to my eye and warmth to my heart. A must read!
Dragon Isle "I'll place a part of you in the Dragon's breast so you can feel his heart beating strong in his chest!"
Fantasy Artists
Glass Onion Graphics Michael Whelan has become one of the most distinguished artists in the fields of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Here, you will find his life's work of imaginative art presented in easy to navigate galleries accessible to all.
Dragon Tales by Keith Parkinson Keith Parkinson presents this dramatic collection of flights of fancy, including his favorite subject, dragons. With his masterful strokes, you'll experience more that the awesome fiery breath of the dragon; your eyebrows may actually singe!
Boris Vallejo Art Gallery "Boris Vallejo is one of the greatest fantasy artists of our time. His oil paintings are so fascinating, that I decided to create this huge virtual gallery..."
Jeff Easley Gallery The Fantasy artwork of Jeff Easley
Wizball's Page Links to and pictures of fantasy art, roleplaying.
Felsmann's Virtual Exhibition Extensive site of fantasy artists' images, many links.
Index of Fantasy Art Card Images NonSport Card Collector's Page. A must see! Links to artists beautiful artwork.
Neysa's Unicorn Picture Page A HUGE collection of unicorn images! Awesome! Neysa has the biggest collection of unicorns on the Web!
The Unicorn Hunt A light, airy, soft Unicorn site, as Unicorns should be presented! A fantasy site created by Emily Matson.
Lancelot's Castle Every thing you want to know about Chivalry, Honor, Valor, Knights and Arthurian legend! A beautiful site.
The Raptorian Sector Extensive Dinosaur information, Dinosaur and Dragon Lynx. The wonderful drawings of Rachel K. Clark.