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AMARANTH: The act of drinking the blood of other Kindred.

ANCILLA: An 'adolescent' Vampire; one who is no longer a neonate, but is not an Elder either.

ANTEDILUVIAN: One of the eldest Kindred, a member of the third Generation. A warlord of
the Jyhad.

ARCHON: A powerful Vampire who wanders from city to city, usually serving a Justicar.
Archons are frequently used to track down Kindred who have fled a city.

AUTARKIS: A Vampire who refuses to be a part of Kindred society, and does not recognise
the domain of a Prince.

CAINITE: A Vampire.

CANAILLE: The Mortal herd, especially that element of it which is the most unsavory and
lacking in culture.

CAUCHEMAR: A Vampire who feeds only on sleeping victoms and prevents their awakening.

CUNCTATOR: A Vampire who avoids killing by drinking shallowly and taking too little blood to
kill the prey.

COTERIE: A group of Kindred who protect and support one another against all outsiders.

CONSANGUINEUS: One of the same lineage. (usually a younger member)

FOOTPAD: One who feeds off the derilicts and the homeless, and who frequently does not have
a haven of their own.

GENTRY: A Kindred who hunts the nightclubs, districts of ill repute, and other places of
entertainment where Mortals seek to pair off.

GOLCONDA: The state of being to which many Vampires aspire, in which a balance is found
between opposing urges and scruples. The slide into beastiality is halted, and the individual reaches
a kind of stasis. Like the Mortals Nervana, it is often spoken of, but seldom achieved.

HUMANITAS: The degree to which a Kindred still retains some humanity.

KINE: A contemptous term for Mortals, often used in opposition to Kindred. The expression
'Kindred and Kine' means "All the world."

LEECH: A human who drinks a Vampire's blood, yet retains free-will. Often they keep the
Vampire as a prisoner, or offers great rewards for the blood.

LEXTALIONIS: The code of the Kindred created by Caine. It suggests biblical justice--an eye
for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

LINEAGE: The bloodline of a Vampire, traced by Embrace.

METHUSELAH: An Elder who no longer lives among the other Kindred. Many Methuselahs
belong to the Inconnu.

NEONATE: A young, newly crreated Kindred.

OSIRIS: A Vampire who surrounds himself with Mortal or ghoul followers in a cult or coven to
better obtain sustenace. The practice is less common than it used to be.

PAPILLON: The red-light district; the area of a city made up of nightclubs, gambling houses and
brothels. The prime hunting ground of the city.

PROGENY: A collective term for all the Vampires created by one Sire.

PRAXIS: The right of Princes to rule, as well as the rules, laws and customs enforced by a
particular Prince.

PRIMOGEN: The leaders in a city or the ruling council of Elders. Those who support the Prince,
and make their rule possible.

REGNANT: One who has a Blood Bond over another Kindred, through giving blood 3 times.

RETAINERS: Humans who serve a Vampire master.

SIREN: A Vampire who seduces Mortals, but does not kill them and takes only a little blood
after putting the Mortal into a deep sleep.

SUSPIRE: The dream dance during the final stage of the quest for Golconda.

THIRD MORTAL: Caine, the proginator of all Vampires, according to The Book of Nod.

THRALL: A Vampire who is held under a Blood Bond, and thus under control of another

VITAE: Blood.

WASSAIL: The final release and the last frenzy. It occures when the last vestiges of humanity are
lost and a Vampire plunges into madness. (of course, Malkavians are already mad!)

WHELP: A contemptous term for any young Vampire; origionally used only in reference to one's
own Progeny.

WIGHT: Human, Mortal.

WITCH-HUNTER: A human who searches for Vampires in order to kill them.

WHIG: Name for a Cainite who poses an obsessive interest in Mortal fashion and current events. 


ANARCH: A rebel among the Kindred, one with no respect for the Elders. Most Fledglings are
automatically assumed to be anarchs by the Elders, and are despised as products of the 20th

THE BARRENS: The areas of a city that are devoid of life--graveyards, abandoned buildings
and parks.

THE BECOMING: The moment one becomes a Vampire; the metamorphosis from mortal to

BOOK OF NOD: The 'sacred' book of the Kindred, tracing the race's origins and early history.
It has never been published in its entirety, although fragments are known to exist in various
languages. (such as the one on here!)

THE BEAST: The drives and urges which prompt a Vampire to become entirely a monster,
foresaking all Humanity.

BLOOD: The Vampire's heritage. That which makes a Vampire a Vampire, or simply the actual
blood of the Vampire.

BLOOD KINDRED: The relationship between Vampires of the same lineage and Clan. The
idea is much the same among Mortals; only the means of transmission are different.

BLOOD OATH: The most potent bond that can exist between Vampires; the recieving of blood
in an acknowledgement of mastery. This grants a mystical power over the one who is bound.

BROOD: A group of Vampires gathered around a leader (usually their Sire). In time, a brood
may become a Clan.

CAITIFF: A Vampire with no Clan; frequently used in a derogatory fashion. To be Clanless is not
a virtue amoung the Kindred.

THE CAMARILLA: A global sect of Vampires in which all Kindred may hold membership. Its
rule is far from absolute, and it serves as a debating chamber more than a government.

CHILDE: A derogatory term for a young, inexperienced, or foolish Vampire.

CLAN: A group of Vampires who share certain mystic and physical characteristics.

DIABLERIE: The cannibalistic behavior common among Kindred, involving the consumption of
the blood of another Vampire. The Elders do so out of need, whereas the anarchs do so out of
desire for power.

DOMAIN: The fiefdom claimed by a Vampire, most often a Prince. Usually a city.

ELDER: A Vampire who is 300 years of age or older. (hmm... I guess I must be an ancient!)
Elders consider themselves the most powerful Kindred, and usually engage in their own Jyhad.

ELYSIUM: The name given for the places where the Elders meet and gather, commonly, operas,
theaters, or other public places of high culture.

THE EMBRACE: The act of transforming a Mortal into a Vampire by draining the Mortal's
blood and replacing it with a small amount of the Vampire's own blood.

FLEDGLING: A young, newly created Vampire.

GENERATION: The number of steps between a Vampire and Caine. Caine's Get were the 2nd
Generation, their Brood the 3rd, and so on.

GEHENNA: The end of the Third Cycle; the impending Armageddon when the Antediluvians
shall awaken and devour all Vampires.

GHOUL: A servant created by allowing a Mortal to drink Kindred blood without the draining that
would give rise to a Progeny.

HAVEN: The home of a Vampire or the place where it sleeps during the day.

THE HUNGER: As with Mortals and other animals, the need to feed. For Vampires, though, it
is much more intense, and takes the place of every other drive, urge, and pleasure.

INCONNU: A sect of Vampires, mostly Methuselahs, who have removed themselves from both
Mortal and Kindred affairs.

THE JYHAD: The secret war being waged between the few surviving Vampires of the third
Generation, using younger Vampires as pawns.

KINDRED: A Vampire. Many Elders consider even this term to be vulgar, and prefer to use a
more poetic word such as Cainite.

KISS: To take the blood of a Mortal, or the act of taking blood in general.

LUPINE: A werewolf, the mortal enemies of Vampires. Also called Garou.

LUSH: A Vampire who habitually feeds on prey who are drunk or on drugs, in order to
experience those sensations.

THE LIFE: Mortal blood, taken for food. Many Kindred regard the term as affected and prissy.
(I just think it's silly)

THE MAN: The element of humanity which remains in a Vampire, and which strives against the
base urgings of the Beast.

THE MASQUERADE: The effort begun after the end of the great wars to hide Kindred society
from the Mortal world. A policy reaffirmed after the time of the inquisition. (Oops! Oh well. It was
hidden! So sue me! *g*)

PRINCE: A Vampire who has established a claim to rulership over a city, and is able to support
that claim.

THE RIDDLE: The essential dilemma of a Vampire's existence--to prevent the occurence of
greater atrocities, one must commit evil deeds of a lesser nature. The proverb is: monsters we are,
lest monsters we become.

ROGUE: A Vampire who feeds upon other Vampires, either out of need, or perversion.

THE SABBAT: A sect of Vampires controlling much of eastern North America. They are violent
and bestial, reveling in needless cruelty.

SECT: General name for one of the three primary groups among Kindred--the Sabbat, Camarilla,
or Inconnu.

SIRE: The parent-creator of a Vampire, used both for females and males.

VESSEL: A potential or past source of blood, typically a human.